Veronika Simon at Stunners

What started out as a normal shoot for the latest calendar, soon turned into a one woman show. Veronika Simon is one hot sexy woman who is looking just like gorgeous Richelle Ryan, who is aware of her assets and knows how to set them in site. During our latest shoot, she got really hot. The sun was burning all over, and so it didn’t not take her long to loose all her cloths and to show off her tight body wearing nothing but some tiny sexy underwear, which really brought up her sexy ass and her tight large boobs. Well, from this point to the point where our shoot became something else, was just one step. One that she was more than happy to take. As she was cooling herself off with some cold water, she started to splash some on her tight body, letting drops of water roll down from her tight sexy tits, trembling over her pointy nipples and making their ways towards her belly and pussy. She makes her way towards her spot, and opens her legs just enough for two fingers to make their way deep inside herself and from there to start fucking herself long and hard. She loves to feel them going deep and hard inside herself, feeling her clit getting ripped apart as she gets the full sexual pleasure of this nasty finger fuck. Have a look and see for yourself.stunners-veronika-simon-finger-fucking

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