Stunners presents Veronika Simon

Veronika Simon is one hot babe who sure knows how to have a good time, alone or with someone else. In this latest one she shows us she sure knows how to appreciate a little one on one time, and that being by yourself is fun and sexy if you know how to make the best of your body and the time you have all to yourself. She adores to play with her pussy, just like naughty Kendra Exposed, another hot internet model. It may Saturday night fever for some, but for her is Saturday night sexy time, where all is allowed and there is anything that will not tried out. Especially if it bring some sexy pleasure alongside.

So she starts with some sexy foreplay, getting her body in the same place where her kinky mind is. She starts touching herself, feeling her tight tits, toying with her nipples, making them all hard and pointy, just ready to be sucked and toyed with some more. As she is getting more and more horny, she makes her way towards her tight pussy. She starts by rubbing herself a little, feeling her clit getting wet against the soft fabric of her underwear. She then slides in two of her fingers and starts fingers fucking herself all the way through, pushing those fingers in and out of herself, deeper and harder each time she goes in. She gets closer and closer, and as she does she releases a sweet sexy moan as her legs tremble and she reaches her orgasm.



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